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I developed a certain vision toward music while growing up in Aledo, Texas. Being part of a family of musicians, I discovered my passion for music early on. My parents collected an extensive vinyl library, and speaker/audio player collection. This only made sense with my mom previously having worked for a radio station, and my dad being an audio and electrical engineering head. I gained an appreciation for classical music and classic rock listening to their records. I began my own musicianship in piano as a kid with my brother Wesley, then moved on to orchestra and jazz band, learning to play trumpet and guitar throughout high school.  I got into a lot of 80's-2000's pop, hip hop, and alternative rock. When I was 16, I became interested in electronic dance music. My most significant early influences included ATB, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Basshunter, Daft Punk, and the composers of my favorite game soundtracks. I took the effort to learn basic music production, leveraging my existing musical skillset.

In 2007 I shifted my focus to an accounting career while in college at Texas Tech and I actually worked full time as a CPA and auditor in Dallas, TX from 2011 to 2020. During this time I found the resources and intent to pursue my passion in music once again; I discovered my own sound and began producing and releasing music as DCPA. In July 2020, I left my accounting career in Dallas in order to move to Austin TX for a full time go at the music industry. I'm very lucky to be playing several gigs weekly in the USA, in many different venues for hundreds of guests at a time, and working with an amazing local Austin booking agent Tammy Miranda as well as a production team and agency, Nimble Agency, all the way from Amsterdam!

DCPA demonstrates a transcendent approach to modern electronic dance music and draws influences from industry underdogs as well as mainstage festival headliners mostly in the genres of trance, progressive house, nu disco, and indie-alternative. Through DCPA, I would like to offer a unique lens for exploring music and inspire others by showing that one does not always have to follow the beaten path.  I believe that most goals are best achieved through collaboration. In music, working alongside other artists is a way to build on and to create the best possible version of your ideas for others to enjoy, and can grow you exponentially in your career.  

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